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Ladies Individual 08

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Name Club Time Place
Ella Buckley23.211
Maria Oosterbaan23.732
Heidi Arnolt23.83
Rachel Youngman24.414
Mikayla Frisby25.365
Shirley Kenett25.536
Gabrielle Free25.587
Shannon Trafford26.058
Sarah leggit27.079
Tara Hunt 27.4510
Rachel Trafford29.7611
Berni Hunt 29.7812
Racheal Jones29.9613
Linda Danen30.0914
Alison Leigh30.2915
Kathryn Christieson30.3416
Emily Harvey31.117
Anna Arnolt31.2818
Julie Dippie31.4819
Pene Milbank31.6720
Connie Ake31.6821
Tess Fraser32.1622
Alice West32.2623
Jane Winslett32.9224
Pip leggit35.8725
Emma Evans38.7826
Linda Beatson47.8827
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