Picture of The Ski Lodge

The heart of a club is in it's members and at Christiania we are privileged to have a diverse base of members to make club life an enjoyable experience. Our members range in age from as young as 5 years to those with over 50 years of skiing experience. We are a family friendly club. If you are thinking about joining a ski club we encourage you to consider Christiania.

There are many advantages to becoming a member of the Christiania Ski Club:

  • Priority booking and cheaper rates
  • Ski-in and Ski-out, most of the season
  • Exceptional Views
  • Cooked breakfast and dinner
  • Easy access for lunch and coffee breaks
  • Can see all lifts from the lodge
  • Easy (downhill) access to 4 chairs (Centennial, National, Rock Garden and Happy Valley)
  • Friendly, family atmosphere
  • Affordable accommodation rates
  • Excellent Drying room
  • Close to Meads wall sliding area - fun for children

Want to become part of the club? Join Christie!

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