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Joining Christiania Ski Club

There are many advantages to becoming a member of the Christiania Ski Club:

  • Priority booking and cheaper rates
  • Ski-in and Ski-out, most of the season
  • Exceptional Views
  • Cooked breakfast and dinner
  • Easy access for lunch and coffee breaks
  • Can see all lifts from the lodge
  • Easy (downhill) access to 4 chairs (Centennial, National, Rock Garden and Happy Valley)
  • Friendly, family atmosphere
  • Affordable accommodation rates
  • Excellent Drying room
  • Close to Meads wall sliding area - fun for children

We welcome prospective members and we have two options for joining

Option One: Pay a one-off joining fee of $135 per senior member and $87 per junior member. Then pay the annual subscription for the year, and book with membership priority and at member rates

Membership Option One
  One-off Joining Fee Annual Subs Total
Senior $135 $220 $355*
Junior $87 $50 $137*

* Club member enjoys full membership status with priority booking rights and member accommodation rates

Option Two: Complete a work-party prior to the ski season. With this option there is no joining fee, only the annual subscription for the coming ski season ($220 per Senior member and $50 per Junior member).

Membership Option Two
  Pre-season Work Party Annual Subs Total
Senior Participate $220 $220*
Junior Participate $50 $50*

* Club member enjoys full membership status with priority booking rights and member accommodation rates

Note: in Option Two if the pre-season work party is missed, then prospective members can revert to Option One or upon receiving provisional membership status can forgo subs for the current year, and book at guest rates with one weekend with membership priority booking status (other bookings receive guest booking priority). When a work party is attended prior to the next season, Option Two can apply for that season.

Please also note that in the subsequent years after the first year of membership, attendance at work parties results in a discount on annual subscriptions.

Apply to Join Now!

If you would like to join Christiania Ski Club, please complete and submit an application form. If you have questions about membership or would like more information please contact the Membership Secretary, membership@skichristie.co.nz

Online Application

The online form enable you to apply and submit your application via our website, its easy and quick. To do so visit the membership application page

PDF Application Form

Download Application Form Our application form is available for download as a PDF file. This enables you to print it off and post it back to our membership secretary.

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